The Cozumel Museum is under renovations, however we continue to work and promote art and culture through the Extramural Museum.

Extramural Museum

Our Vision

To be a museum that rescues and transmits traditions and customs as well as promotes and safe keeps Cozumel’s historic patrimony, archeology and culture through adequate and avant-garde infrastructure with programs, artistic and cultural activities in an effective and inclusive environment.

Our Mission

We are the only live museum on the Island of Cozumel that auspicious the respect and knowledge of our history, costumes and traditions through artistic and cultural programs directed to the Cozumel community and foreign visitors. Events and Activities

Events and Activities


Promote the works of foreign and local plastic artists and reach to the community giving them art history, knowledge, techniques and information of important art movements that have changed the course of humanity, and with the extramural museum project in coordination with local restorers we can also offer multiproduct.

Exposiciones | Museo de Cozumel

Book Presentations:

To boost the works of Mexican writers, at the same time promote throughout the community the taste for reading, strengthening vocabulary and how to express themselves through the constant impulse to bring culture closer to the community.

Presentación de libro | Museo de Cozumel

Youth Contests:

Promote programs that allows young people to develop their creative abilities, to satisfy their needs to explore, create, express and communicate, encouraging them to participate directly or as spectators; besides promoting and spreading the customs and traditions through literary, pictorial, photographic contests related to Cozumel Island.

Cosplay | Museo de Cozumel

Artistic and Cultural Events

Promote magnum events, that strenghthen artistic and cultural apreciation in the comunity, as well to créate an audience of children and Young adults that search for art as a way to express themselves.

Strengthen Cozumel families and visitors coexistence through activities of healthy amusement offering alternatives free of vices and occities; monthly programs are developed with the talent of local musicians to offer a space to express themselves, as well as to rescue a music genre that is very ingrained for Mexicans generating an activity for the different suburbs on the island.

Design an itinerant product for visitors to get to know “The History of Cozumel” and strengthen the community’s children and young adult’s knowledge fortifying touristic and educational value.

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Activities and Workshops

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