Dedicated to the planning of projects and execution of conservation actions of Insular Nature.

Conservation and Environmental Education Center

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Our Mission

To identify the different characteristics of ecosystems and its biodiversity in Cozumel through research, monitoring, studying, promoting the importance that natural resources through appreciation and conservation via community participation.

Promote the maintenance of ecological processes and to reduce the loss of biodiversity, creating habitants on the island that can identify the value of their cultural patrimony and biological for its importance of being and belonging for a beginning that translates to a political guide and development for the island.

To strengthen the job of local and external organizations dedicated to conserving Cozumel, establishing strategic alliances, sharing resources at our reach to accomplish a common purpose, that is to conserve the islands natural surroundings.

Create infrastructure and indispensable services to analyze laboratory in different process of investigation and attention to investigators, academics, students and learning groups to develop their interaction with the islands natural resources.

What are we doing?

Activity program

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Permanent Activities

  • Youth Conservation Workshop (Saturdays)
  • Marine Turtle Protection Program
  • Identification and Monitoring of Marine Species (March-April / July – August)
  • Monitoring and Bird Observation Workshop “SAL A PAJAREAR” and “SEGUNDO ENCUENTRO PROGRAMA DE AVES URBANAS”
  • Monitoring and Bat Workshop.
  • Insect Identification Workshop.
  • Identification of Cozumel Vegetable Species.
  • Beach Cleaning (monthly) and International (annual).
  • Water Program.
  • Community Beach Cleaning.
  • Monitoring and Vigilance of natural, marine and land resources.
  • Supporting Educational Institutions.
  • Technical Investigation Assistance.
  • Ecological Workshops
  • Congress and Environmental Fairs
  • Introduction to Fundación de Parques y Museos de Cozumel Quintana Roo.
  • School advisory.
  • Elaboration of booklets
  • Crocodile conservation, management and safekeeping at Chankanaab park.
  • Attention of PROFEPA visits. (Eventual, by event)
  • Institutional Support: Hurricane contingency (Annual)