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Pedagogy and Social Assistance

Our Vision

To create spaces for social and educational development with the objective to elevate the quality of life in the Cozumel Community.

Our Mission

To design and implement workshops, educational and recreational activities for the Cozumel community, to give them the proper tools to elevate their quality of life.

General Objective

To administrate and efficiently design programs and activities, optimizing the available resources to amplify the coverage of beneficiaries.

Specific Objectives

To achieve that this area be recognized for its activities, as one of the most strategic and important for the FPMC in the community, covering its different social cultural sectors.

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What we do

In the month of April 2003, the Area of Pedagogy and Social Assistance was created with the objective to administrate and efficiently design programs and activities, optimizing the available resources to amplify the coverage of beneficiaries.

Here educational projects are proposed and elaborated in conjunction with the Fundacions General Direction, then they are implemented and promoted to help the community and its visitors.

Permanent music, singing, guitar, piano, theater, painting for adults and textile workshops among others. As well as temporary workshops like artisanal and arts and crafts and summer camps for children.

In an informal manner this area also offers support to the local school system with different activities like: Flag Day, Day of the Army and Air Forces among others.as well as a fundamental part of local celebrations and festivities like Carnaval, Day of the Dead and Cedral with workshops and logistics.

Domingo de comparsas Cozumel

As a retribution to the elderly for their hard work in the Cozumel society, throughout the year several visits with breakfast at the Juan Pablo home for the elderly are implemented as well as the program “Entre Canas y recuerdos” (Between gray hairs and memories) which offers visits to the parks and celebrations in august.

Entre Canas y recuerdos

Something very important is the service we offer the child community throughout guided visits through the installations of the Islands Museum in their permanent and temporary exhibits.

We offer the community activities of social character like family brigades in the most needed living zones where the workshops are implemented, medical services, haircuts among others.

Other activities are “Cana al Aire”, a dance night that has been held for over 25 years. Its objective was to offer a space for coexistence through dancing for the elderly in public spaces like the island parks.

To the rhythm of salsa, chachacha and mambo among other music genera, dancers from the program as well as new followers and national and foreign tourist join the dancers every last Saturday of the month between 8pm to 11pm.

Throughout the years several contest are organized like “Cancion Mexicana” (Mexican Song) that has over 20 years for high school students with the objective to develop their talent.

Christmas with its traditional “Cantemos la Rama” for children in primary and preschool has the objective to promote Christmas spirit and unite families, as well to incentivize other students to get interested in art and culture with its different expressions. There are also a variety of workshops like Pastorela and traditional Posada for the community to preserve our traditions.

Cantemos la rama

International Woman’s Day is celebrated with divers activities, conferences, concerts and exhibits; with the objective to reflect our efforts and how special woman are on earth, capable of giving life to others for which they deserve the highest respect for all their achievements.

The annual program “Viajando por la Historia” (Traveling through history) is done in 3 stages:

Visita Chichen Itza

1st we pick a theme and teach this information to sixth graders of all 26 public schools in Cozumel with talks and audiovisual presentations. 2nd stage we apply a test to select the highest scores. 3rd and last stage is a trip to archeological zone Chichen Itza in the state of Yucatan with the top 40 students.

550 students benefit with scholarships among primary, high school and college level.

Biblioavión Gervasio (Library Plane Gervasio)

On the 23rd of May 2014 the Biblio Avion Gervasio was inaugurated, it’s a themed library built inside a Boeing 727-200 fuselage that in the 80s Aeromexico donated. Its located in the Juan Pablo II park.


It has an audiovisual space with capacity for up to 30 students, with high definition projection equipment, surround sound and an area with 20 computers equipped with an educational platform designed by Microsoft in areas of Spanish, math, science and computer learning levels based on the Secretaria de Educacion Publica (Secretary of Public Education).


Reading is encouraged with the end to enhance language, imagination and the process of learning in young children and young adults, in a creative and innovative way. In 2017 it received recognition from the Secretary of Tourism.

Throughout these 4 years, school visits, movie projections, English, dance, storytelling, theater and other workshops have been implemented.

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